Discounts for new corporate clients

All corporate clients receive a discount of up to 15% on translation within one month from the date of the first order.
This discount does not apply to additional services and is not combined with other discounts.

Discounts for private clients

All private clients receive a 10% discount on translation if you come to us on someone's recommendation.
This discount does not apply to additional services and is not combined with other discounts and promotions.

Special rates for translation of personal documents

We offer special reduced rates for the translation of passports, diplomas, certificates and certificates of individuals:
- translation of diploma (without application), certificate, license (including driver's, pension, etc.), certificate, passport (except internal passports of Ukraine) into Russian – 900 rubles, including notarization;
- translation of the diploma (without application), certificate, license (including driver, pension, etc.), certificates into English, German, Ukrainian – 900 rubles, including notarization.
In case you need to translate these documents without notarization or sealed by the agency, as well as when translating applications to diplomas, internal passports of Russia and Ukraine or in cases where translation of a document significantly exceeds 1 (one) translation page, standard tariffs of Lexicon translation agency apply.

Discount coupon for iPhone/iPad owners

iPhone/iPad owners can add an electronic discount coupon to the Apple Wallet by clicking on this link

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