• Translation of corporate documents of various levels of complexity on various topics;
  • Translation of personal documents (certificates, passports, diplomas, certificates, etc.);
  • Assistance in preparation and execution of documents for submission to embassies and consulates of the world for obtaining a visa, including assistance in filling out questionnaires in a foreign language (if required by the issuing visa institution), translation and notarization (or certification by a translation agency seal) of personal documents (certificates of employment, bank statement, birth certificate, marriage / divorce certificate, title deeds, vehicle passports and other documents required by the visa issuing institution);
  • Performing all types of translations using the latest translation technologies and modern software;
  • Interpreting by professional experienced interpreters (negotiations, escort of delegations, clients, etc.);
  • The most popular world languages, languages ​​of the CIS countries;
  • Translation of all types of legal, economic, financial, artistic, technical, scientific and advertising texts;
  • Translation of any medical texts - or medical translation: translation of epicrisis, protocols of diagnostic tests or surgeries, summaries of the results of laboratory tests, functional tests, information for patients and / or doctors, leaflets for medications (instructions), treatment recommendations, certificates, extracts, as well as publications of medical institutions and scientific articles on various sections of medicine;
  • Translation of files of any formats, including HTML and presentations;
  • Translation, localization of multilingual websites;
  • Verification of the authenticity of translation and editing of the translation provided by the customer;
  • Certificate of translation (by a notary or a seal of a translation agency);
  • Assistance in obtaining an apostille for documents issued by the authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • Assistance in legalization of documents at consulates of the world;
  • Assistance in the translation, certification and execution of documents with a Russian notary and in Russian authorities for foreign clients


Address and phone

1/8, 4th Golutvinsky Lane, Bld. 4
  Moscow, 119180
Monday - Thursday 10:00 - 18:00
Friday 10:00 - 17:00
13:00 - 14:00

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