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We needed urgent documents translation and notarization support. You managed to do everything as quick as possible. Thank you for your prompt help! You do magic.

We are more than satisfied with the quality you offer. We are glad that cooperation with your company significantly simplifies our professional activities. We intend to keep using your services.

Thank you a lot for your help. You manage to fulfill our orders very quickly. Thank you for prompt attention. It's just amazing! Translations are always absolutely correct.

Lexicon is known to us as professional translation services expert and is considered as a good and reliable partner in translating business, technical, financial as well as documents in other areas.

Each and every translation is made with a very high quality, often much earlier than expected, with a perfect style and appearance. Thank you for good cooperation!

We confirm our perfect business relationship with Lexicon Translations in the field of documents and texts translation in different subjects and complexity.

Excellent, fast, high quality, inexpensive. Individual approach and assistance with the sequence of actions for the translation, certification, apostilization and legalization.

There is a place where everything will be done clearly, smoothly, conveniently and in full. This is Lexicon. This is an iPhone in the field of translation and certification. Strongly recommended!

Very cool and highly professional. Everything here is quick and to the point. The translation is excellent. Thank you very much for saving precious time. Recommended!

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